loiselaine said...

ok. i admit it. i am follower-challenged. meaning, i can't figure out how to become a follower of your rods and (s)cones blog. (i just tried to follow your because i can't draw blog. don't know if i succeeded.)

but anyhow, i really like your work. would like to know more about your painting!

can you advise one as challenged as me? (about becoming a follower; or if you really want to go to town, you can advise on painting and photography too!)

congrats on your great work.

My name is none of your beeswax said...

geez lois, thanks for your kind words! today i really needed to hear something encouraging.

i think to follow any blog on blogger you need to have a blogger account, and then you just click on the words "follow this blog" and follow the instructions in the pop up window.

hope that helps and thanks once again for your positive energy. :)

sosser said...

love the mix of focus and colors in this. an excellent shot!